How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight

Answering The Question: How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight?

When you are in the game for weight loss, water is really a key factor. You need to understand how this gift from nature can help you in losing weight. Remember that this natural resource is indeed your helpmate when you want to shed those unwanted pounds. This is when the question how much water should I drink to lose weight? comes into action.
8 Glasses and Counting…
When it comes to water, there really is no such thing as too much. In fact you can drink as much as you want. a lot of people will tell you that all you need is at least 8 glasses a day and you are okay. True in some ways, but in weight loss, 8 glasses is really not enough.
Remember that when you are in the game of losing weight, first thing that you need to do is flush out the unwanted toxins in your body. These toxins are clogging up your system and slowing it down, thus preventing your metabolism from speeding up. 8 glasses a day is not really doing much aside from hydrating your system.
In drinking more than 8 glasses, you are fueling your body to flush out the junk that is inside. Aside from the primary trash that your excretory system is eliminating from your body, in weight loss you need to get more out for your own good. When you drink more water than the average share that the body needs, especially if you exercise, you are cleansing your system of the toxins and fats that have lain dormant in your body.

Drink to a Full Tank

how much water should I drink to lose weightRemember that weight loss is also a mind game. You need to program your mind that your stomach is full so that you won’t have the urge to eat. If you drink lots of water, more than the average 8 glasses a day, you are filling up your “tank” which is your stomach and eliminating the need to reach for unhealthy food, because in your mind, you are still full.
Most diets suggest that in the program, the participant can eat a certain portion of this, a certain portion of that but they can drink all the water that they can hold. An interesting concept if there is one, don’t you think?
As you gain weight, your stomach muscles expand, since you are loading this with so much food, at times brimming to capacity – in layman’s terms, overeating. Your stomach is sending that signal to your mind that it still has space and you can still fill it up. So you do and you overeat and the body can’t cope up with the amount of food that is inside, so what happens is that instead of energy, it becomes fat. So in the end, you gain weight.
Think of it this way, if you drink at least a glass or two of water before you eat, you are already loading and filling some space in your stomach. Once you start eating, you won’t have that much space to fill in. In a way, that one glass or two of water is now helping you to minimize the amount of food that you are consuming. Helping you reach that saturation point that you need to trigger your mind that you are full. A definite improvement over filling up an empty tank.
Same goes when you are hungry in between meals. Instead of reaching for solid food, that piece of sandwich or that bag of chips, why don’t you drink a glass or two of water? Instantly, you will feel full, thus eliminating the unwanted fat and other chemicals and additives that you might ingest if you reach for something else. Not only did you just eliminate junk from entering your system, you helped it by hydrating it.
Once your system is used to the amount of water that you consume each and every day, which is more than the average, it will send signals to your brain that you are full and you can stop eating more than your fair share. This in turn will minimize the size of your overstretched stomach muscles.

Water up when needed…

Exercise is an important factor in weight loss. When you exercise, you lose essential minerals in the body through sweat. Your body is also starving and dehydrated because the fluids that are inside were flushed out in the form of sweat. Make sure that you are drink up and fuel up with water. There is no better substitute that was and will ever be created to that clear, clean liquid to replenish your dehydrated system.
Remember that water will not only clean your system, it is very easy to eliminate. You can sweat it out or it will go out of your system in the form of urine. In drinking more, you are not just training your mind to feel full, but you are also helping your entire body by hydrating it, thus helping your skin stay supple from the inside, feeding your muscles with the extra oxygen that it needs to burn fat, and providing other benefits that will be advantageous for you in the long haul.

Water Vs. Food

Why do you think that man can survive longer with water vs. food? Because water is also food. Not just for the stomach, but for the whole system. This is one drink that you can load up to your heart’s content. Not only is it cheap, you can purchase it anywhere. It is always available and it is healthy. The body will always need food, but remember that food in excess becomes fat. So keep in mind that food is not just in solid form, there is also a liquid form that is very much available to all. Water in excess will just be flushed out, and you have many ways on how to do that.
So really, to answer the question How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight?
The answer: As much as you want…