How to Lose Weight Overnight

No matter how much weight you’ve gained throughout the course of your life, know that it is still not impossible to shed off some of those pounds.
In fact, did you know that you can even lose up to two pounds overnight? As too good to be true as this might seem, there are several studies that have proven that this is definitely possible.
So the real question is how to lose weight overnight? It’s actually very easy and something that you can do without starving yourself at all.

Overnight Diet

The overnight diet is one of the brains behind the concept of losing weight overnight. Basically, the first day of the diet simply jump starts your body in order for it to adapt to the changes it will be undergoing for the next couple of days.
This diet promotes the consumption of high protein foods like vegetables, certain dairy products like non-fat milk and cheese as well as the consumption of viands like chicken breast, fish and the like.
The diet requires that you do not consume any form of carbohydrates. So remove rice, bread, pastas, chips and everything else from your diet temporarily.
This kind of diet should normally be done within the span of six consecutive days. Now, on your 7th day, you will be going on a liquid diet where you have the option to just drink natural fruit and vegetable juices or shakes or high-protein meal replacement shakes.
Doing this easy diet routine can automatically guarantee at least 2 pounds off your weight.
However, at some point you still need to go back to your usual diet plan and lifestyle just to make sure that your body is able to adjust to changes every now and then.
And when there’s a need for you to lose weight again just after a day, you can simply go back to this kind of diet.

Go on a Water Diet

The other option that you have if you do not want to engage in a high-protein diet for the next six days is to simply go on a water diet on any day you wish.
It would be advisable though to do this kind of diet when there is no work and when you will only be staying at home the entire day so there is no temptation to indulge at your favorite restaurant.
You can drink as many glasses of water as you desire because this can help keep your body hydrated. In fact, several studies have also shown that going on a day without food will not make the body starve. But going on a day without water may cause risks to a person’s health.
Thus, the water can definitely work!

Don’t Eat After Six O’Clock

Another great way to lose weight overnight is by simply consuming your foods before 6 o’clock in the evening. It is important to choose your foods wisely as well. Think of your diet plan as an inverted triangle wherein the biggest meal that you will be eating is for breakfast and your dinner will consist of just a small portion of food just to help get you through the night.
The after six o’clock diet is also very effective because it gives the body enough time to burn down all the foods consumed throughout the day.
However, you might feel hunger pangs very early in the morning so it is best to go back to your normal diet immediately.

Eat Only Vegetables

Of course, you can also substitute all of your foods with vegetables. Eating as much servings of vegetables everyday shouldn’t cause any increase on your weight.
Some types of vegetables like broccoli and artichokes can even help make you feel fuller for longer hours.
Eating vegetables everyday will never harm your body because it still provides you with the nutrients that your body needs to get going. Plus, it wouldn’t cause any weight gain at all so it’s definitely a must-try!

Eat Only Fruits

If you are not necessarily a vegetable eater, you can also go for fruits. Just substitute all of your meals with fruits and you will definitely lose a pound or two overnight.
Fruits are naturally sweet so if you are craving for something sweet like ice cream or chocolate, consuming this instead will help satisfy what your taste buds want without causing any harm to the body.

Drink Milk before Going to Bed

Several studies have also shown that drinking milk before you go to sleep at night can help aid in weight loss. This is because milk is a great source for repairing the muscles in the body.
Since milk is also high in calcium and a good source of protein, it can be one of your good friends if you wish to lose weight overnight.
But what if for instance you are lactose intolerant? No need to worry because other milk options like soya-based ones are also available for you to try.

Get Some Sleep

Most people who are struggling with their weight are those that don’t have a healthy lifestyle. This means that those who are not getting enough sleep at night are usually more prone to weight gain.
If you want to know how to lose weight overnight, simply get some quality sleep of at least 8 hours. This will help recharge the body, decreases hunger pangs and cravings and can definitely foster weight loss.
Also, if you sleep early, it is more likely that you will wake up early and you’re more prepared to engage in your daily activities with as much energy as your body needs.
Losing weight overnight is definitely possible. In fact for some this might come very easy. If you are having misconceptions about these options, remember that you will only be doing these things for a day. What you want is to lose weight overnight and these options will make this possible for you to achieve. Later on, eating right and exercising will also help you lose even more weight over time.