Lemonade Diet

Can You Really Lose Weight with the Lemonade Diet

Dieting should not only consist of monitoring the foods that you eat but should also look into the kinds of drinks you ought to take on a daily basis.
Of courses, it would be quite impossible to simply consume eight glasses of water per day without any food just to be able to lose as much weight as you want.
What you can do instead is to simply try and substitute your water with a refreshing and healthy drink like a glass of lemonade. Make sure though that what you will be using are freshly squeezed lemonades and not the artificial ones.

Get to Know the Lemonade Diet

The idea behind the lemonade diet is actually very simple. But before getting into that you first need to understand that there are tons of benefits to doing this diet in particular.
Other than the amount of weight you can lose when you do it consecutively for a couple of days, you will also be doing your internal organs a huge favor because you will be able to cleanse it as well.
Throughout its many years of existence, the diet continues to be patronized by a lot of people primarily because it is so effective and can easily make them feel as healthy as they ought to be.
The said diet which is also known as the Master Cleanse has changed the lives of thousands of people across the globe, including Beyonce Knowles who needed to lose at least 20 pounds for one of her movies entitled Dreamgirls.

How Does this Diet Work?

In order for this diet to work, you need to simply drink the juice throughout the day for the next 2 weeks or 14 days. This goes without saying that you cannot eat any kind of food – biscuits, vegetables and other types of fruits included.
You are not allowed to take any kind of supplement or medication as well in order to take great advantage of the benefits of this diet regimen.
There’s no need to be alarmed though because several studies have shown that the body will not necessarily starve as long as it takes something other than water and lemonade, although it comes in the form of a drink is still a fruit.
But is it a must to know that you can only do the Master Cleanse diet within 14 days because anything on top of that can easily cause dehydration and other health-related problems.

Sample Lemonade Diet Meal Plan

Of course, even if you can only consume freshly squeezed lemonades throughout the day you still need to know when and how to prepare it on order to lose as much pounds as you desire.
Basically, you need to drink at least 6 servings of lemonade daily. One serving should consist of two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two tablespoons of natural maple syrup, about 1/10th teaspoon of Cayenne powder and lastly, about 10 ounces of filtered water.
Make it a point to mix all of the ingredients thoroughly so that the taste is evenly distributed into your drink.
Now, after knowing the ingredients you need to put into your concoction to make it as tasty and as healthy as possible, you need to know when to take it within the day.
You can drink a glass for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then you should also drink in between these hours. So think of your lemonade drink as your actual meal throughout the day wherein you have to eat for breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack, dinner and one glass again before you go to bed.

How to Lose Weight with Lemonade Diet

Obviously, when you don’t consume anything solid your body will automatically adjust to the drastic change and you will be able to lose as much weight.
But other than this, your body will also benefit greatly because it is detoxified. Detoxification is needed by the body from time and time and this is a great opportunity to complete an entire process.
Your stomach will be cleansed and your body will become more energetic as opposed to what people think that this diet will make you feel weak and would make it impossible for you to survive throughout the day.
Of course, when your body is detoxified, your cholesterol levels will also decrease drastically. And since the concoction does not make use of sugar or anything artificial, there’s also no need for you to worry about increasing your sugar levels that may result to diabetes. The amount of maple syrup that you will be using is just enough to give your body its daily dose of good sugars.

What Will Happen if You do the Master Cleanse for a Month

Some people who find that this diet and detox is not as difficult as they once thought think about doing it for a much longer period of time.
Unfortunately, that is never a good idea because doing this diet for very long will deprive the body from natural food that it needs to consume on a daily basis.
Instead of doing this diet throughout an entire month, you can simply do it for 14 days or two weeks and go back to your normal healthy lifestyle for another four to five months.
After five months, you can do the cleansing diet once again so that your stomach is kept clean and your weight is also consistently monitored.
Now that you have ample information about the lemonade diet and know too well what are some of the benefits you can get from it, make sure to try it out and see for yourself how it can change your life for the better.
Within just 14 days, you will be able to experience drastic weight loss, making it much easier for you to move around, engage in your normal activities and just live a generally healthier life. And the minute your diet plan ends, make sure to go for healthier food options to be able to keep some of the weight off the scale.