Paleolithic Diet

How to Lose Weight with the Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic Diet is just one of the many other diets available out there to provide more and more people the best options when it comes to managing their weight and improve their lifestyle in a general sense.
This diet is actually a byproduct of the Paleolithic Era wherein the lifestyle and food choices of the people were simply restricted within certain types of foods. More than the desire to keep themselves healthy, this was actually the case because people didn’t have that much option when it comes to foods.
This being the case, there are several different food types that are recommended if you want to go on a Paleolithic diet. In the same way, several other foods types need to be completely eradicated from your daily meal plan.

What Foods to Eat

The two most important food types required in this diet is the consumption of eggs and meats, including seafoods. Of course, it would be so much better if you opt for healthier options so instead of eating fried eggs, consume more of hard boiled eggs and leave out the yolk. This guarantees high levels of protein in the body.
With regards to meat, instead of eating pork, go for lean meat variants like fish, seafood and chicken. This can also give the body its much needed dose of protein, levels of omega-3 and all other nutrients required.
Of course, the consumption of vegetables is inevitable but note that not all vegetables are allowed when you are on a Paleolithic Diet. Some vegetable options that you cannot have are those that are high in starch or variants like peas and legumes.
If you want to consume potatoes you can do that but only in moderation. The same rule applies when consuming cassava or what most people call as starch tuber. When it comes to fruits, you can freely consume as much except for those that are very high in sugar like mangoes and grapes.
Nuts and seeds are also a major part of a Paleolithic Diet. You need to therefore eat the healthier options like cashew nuts and those that you can eat raw. Peanuts are definitely not allowed.
And when it comes to dairy products, you can substitute your usual milk, cheese and butter with yogurt, almond milk or coconut milk.
In order to get the benefits of the Paleolithic Diet it is also a must that you consume at least 8 glasses of water per day. This is to make sure that your body is hydrated even if your food intake is largely regulated.

How Long Can You Go on a Paleolithic Diet

Some people who are interested to try this diet out wonder just how long should they engage in doing it.
The truth is that, going on a Paleolithic diet depends on each person. Some like to do it for a week or two while others who are motivated to push further do it for several months.
It is therefore necessary to understand that more than just an actual diet, the concept of Paleo is to promote a change in lifestyle.
So the reality is that, you can do this kind of diet from today until the rest of your life without having to be concerned about possible side effects or implications to your health.

Are There Side Effects to Watch Out For

But are there some side effects with this kind of diet? Well, the only side effect is that during the first few days, you might feel hungrier than usual. This is because your body is still adjusting. And since the body is highly trainable, at some point it will get the hang of it and you will no longer be craving for the foods that you were once used to eating regularly.

Health Benefits of the Paleo Diet

Other than losing as much weight as possible, there are several other benefits you can get from doing this kind of diet. Of course, you will be able to manage obesity so if you fall under this category, doing the Paleo Diet for as long as you can will definitely help get you off that weight range.
You can also manage all sorts of heart-related conditions like heart attacks, hypertension, high blood pressure and cognitive heart conditions. You may also help prevent cancer from targeting your body and if you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes you will definitely be able to free yourself from it. Other benefits include an improved state of acne, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, gouts and gastric refluxes.

What Does this Diet Promote

The Paleo Diet also helps promote higher protein intake so you can easily build muscles in your body while losing as much weight as possible. You will also be able to lower your carbohydrate intake and glycemic index so it is more likely that the foods that you will consume will not immediately be converted to sugar and make you feel hungrier sooner.
High fiber intake is another thing that you can get from engaging in this kind of diet. Since fiber is also important and needed by the body, you will notice an immediate improve in your bowel movement and it would be much easier for your body to digest the foods you will consume. Your body will also be digesting higher levels of vitamins and nutrients as well antioxidants and all sorts of minerals so there’s really nothing else that your body will ask for.

Is Paleolithic Diet Ideal for Everyone

Last but not the least, unlike other types of diets that may only be great for some, this one is ideal for just about anyone. Even if you do not wish to lose weight you can still go on this diet and gain all the benefits you can possibly ever imagine. All the more if you wish to lose weight, this kind of diet will truly help you out tremendously. And the best thing about the Paleolithic Diet is that it has actually been around way back thousands of years ago.